Georg Ott´s life involves photography for more than 30 years. He started with photography when his son was born. Soon he was awarded with a photography prize from his hometown and national and international prizes were only a matter of time. In the early 80ies Georg Ott turned his obsession into business and got the Austrian photographer license. At this time Georg Ott started to work as a photographer for a couple of print magazines. In 1990 he started in addition to photography a career in the advertising business. The first step into this new direction was the study of advertising at the WKO, Styria and at the end of 1990 Georg Ott owned a registered Advertising agency.
1998 - 2001 He was teaching photography in the art high school Seckau. For more then 10 years he used to determined the optical corporate identity for the high tech automotive development and research company AVL List, Graz. Today Georg Ott successfully produces advertising in many different genres.
His guiding principles, leading to his success, are "Let's try it" or "Where there is a will there is a way".Noteworthy, Georg Ott was one of the first European professional photographers working successfully with digital technology. This fact is impressing, considering the fact that he self-educated his knowledge about photography. Creativity comes from the mind and only needs a vehicle to be converted into reality. For the latter profound technical skills and knowledge are the most important factors. Both are qualities that make the art created by Georg Ott so special.

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